Statement of Faith

Family Matters believes... the entire Bible, both Old and New Testaments are the inspired Word of God. It is the final and sole authority of all Christian life and practices.

    ...there is one true God, eternally existing in three Persons--Father, Son and Holy Spirit--each of Whom possesses equally all the attributes of deity and are One in character and purpose. the deity of Jesus Christ; His virgin birth, perfect life, redeeming death, bodily resurrection, heavenly intercession for His own, and His personal return. Complete salvation is through Jesus Christ.

    ...that the Holy Spirit came into the world to reveal and glorify Christ and to apply the saving work of Christ to men. He convicts and draws sinners to Christ and imparts new life to them. His fullness, power and control are appropriated in the believer's life by faith.

    ...that men and women are a unique creation of God and form one unity of body, mind and spirit. We were created in God's image but through Adam's sin, we became sinners and in need of salvation. One of the purposes of God is to fully restore the image of God in His creation. This means that all areas of life will be a concern for the Christian--social, spiritual and physical.

    ...that marriage was instituted by God, that children are precious in God's sight, and that one of the best pictures of God's kingdom on earth can be seen in the family unit. That through it's nurture and care, its members can provide a model of God's will on earth.




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